Laura Ingalls Wilder's Walnut Grove





Laura Ingalls Wilder's Walnut Grove

William Anderson (Author)

What happened next in the Little House series? William Anderson's research and writing helps fill in the gaps of the famous pioneer family story, which has been loved for generations.

The life of the Ingalls family in Walnut Grove, Minnesota and how Laura came to write about her pioneer childhood.

This is all new, full color 96 page book published in 2013. Here you will read about the history of Walnut Grove, the Ingalls family's life in the little prairie town, and how the museum got its start the story of the famous television series. Includes interviews and stories by Dean Butler and Charlotte Stewart of TV fame. With many beautiful color photos and unseen historic pictures.

$13.95;  always available from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove