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Welcome to my website!

I am a lucky person, having two jobs that I like very much: teaching and writing.  Both of them seem to enhance the other; I keep learning as I teach American History and Literature, and I keep writing books that seem to focus on those topics.

Altogether I have written or edited more than twenty books.  Most of them have involved a great deal of research, so this has taken me to some interesting places in America and Europe.

I’ve also done a great deal of writing for magazines, created scripts, been a consultant for my major publisher, Harper Collins, and even done booklets for compact discs.  Putting words together is needed just about everywhere.  Oh yes, I’ve also written texts for historical markers, which will never go out of print!

Along with authoring books, I’ve traveled a good bit talking about them.  Schools, libraries, colleges and conferences are my favorite places to speak, but I’ve also chatted on television and radio.

In this site, you’ll learn a bit more of my author life, which has always been exciting and fascinating.   I have more books in the planning stage, and I hope you’ll like them as well as the earlier ones.  (I recently had a letter from a boy in Indiana who suggested I that I wrote a book on aliens!)

Well, maybe….

My special interest in history started in second grade, when I read the D’Aulaire’s picture book ABRAHAM LINCOLN.   I have been fascinated by Lincoln and his times ever since.  I’ve written no books on Abe; he seems to have enough, but I’ve done some magazine articles on the topic.  One of them allowed me to tour every nook and cranny of the Lincoln home in Springfield when it was being taken apart and put back together again.  That article was in The Saturday Evening Post, where I was doing travel articles at the time.     I wrote articles before turning to books, in Travel & Leisure, American History Illustrated, The Horn Book Magazine, Modern Maturity, Christian Science Monitor, and many others.

For kids I have done articles in Jack and Jill, Highlights, Kids Club, and The Old School House.